IACCM Webinar:
Enjoy the benefits of AI-driven contract management with the flick of a switch

May 21 - 11am EDT

Enjoy the benefits of AI-driven contract management with the flick of a switch

Implementing AI software needn’t be onerous! How a shift in mindset can pay dividends

Many contract and legal departments don’t feel ready for AI-driven contract management – using artificial intelligence to extract key dates and obligations from high volumes of agreements and multiple contract types. They see it as expensive or complex, requiring additional resources and expertise.

In this webinar, Bob Grier, VP North America West at ContractPodAi, will lead a discussion that will look to debunk the most popular myths about AI and to illustrate how AI can yield dramatic cost savings, often within the first year of implementation.

Joining Bob will be AI expert Debayan Pal, AI Architect at ContractPodAi, who will explain how integration with IBM Watson creates a powerful, out-of-the-box solution, requiring minimal training and in house expertise.   Additionally, Manpreet Dhillon, former legal counsel at Bosch, will provide the perspective of a legal user of AI.

In this webinar, we will challenge these misperceptions and concerns about AI:

  • It’s too complex
  • It requires a long implementation and training process
  • We’ll need to hire a machine learning expert
  • AI is too new for real world contract management use cases
  • My organization is too small
  • It’s super expensive!
  • What about all our legacy contracts?

The path to AI-driven contract management can be more of a cloud-based ‘flick of a switch’ than a complex, organizational shift.  Join us to understand how you can make this happen!


Bob Grier

VP North America West, ContractPodAi®

Bob runs the go to market operations for ContractPodAI in the Western US, based in San Francisco. Bob brings 10 plus years of experience helping build highly effective SaaS sales teams and working with Enterprise customers to digitally transform their front and middle office operations.


Debayan Pal

AI Specialist

Debayan is ContractPodAi's resident artificial intelligence architect with nine years plus experience in the field. An expert in data science he oversees the AI function across the group. He is based out of Mumbai but works closely with our customers across the globe with our AI solution.


Manpreet Dhillon

Formerly Legal Counsel, Bosch

Manpreet qualified as a lawyer in-house for a software company. She then moved on to be legal counsel for the Bosch and Siemens group of companies where she dealt with commercial contracts and various legal issues including IT, IP and all procurement and sales contracts.

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