Our Partners

We have partnered with IBM Watson to build the world’s leading artificial intelligence in relation to contract analysis and we use the IBM Watson’s market leading cognitive technology, machine learning and natural language processing to deliver significantly higher contract analysis accuracy levels than currently available in the market.

SalesForce is the world’s #1 CRM solution. We have now built our contract management solution as native SalesForce applications (available both on the classic and lightening version of SalesForce) – available to SalesForce’s customers via SalesForce’s AppExchange store.

Our technology products are built on Microsoft technologies and our technology products are hosted on the best in class cloud technology solution offered by Microsoft Azure® – ensuring our customers can benefit from the security, speed, reliability and the economic benefits of cloud computing.

DocuSign® is the world’s leading electronic signature solution.
As an ISV partner of DocuSign, our contract management solution comes fully integrated with DocuSign.