Third Party
Contract Review

Meet E:V, the world's first end to end artificially intelligent contract analyst

Using the latest cognitive technology from IBM Watson, E:V® will help you achieve more with less.

E:V® has been trained by senior commercial lawyers and uses machine learning and natural language processing to deliver higher levels of accuracy out of the box.

Never miss a deadline again. E:V will manage your full contract workflow and approvals and automatically set alerts and reminders for important dates. What’s more, E:V achieves this in minutes.

E:V® is available either as a stand alone tool or built into the ContractPodAi® platform.


Contract auto analysis

Read, interpret, analyse and report on key contract information.


Automated workflows

E:V can make decisions and trigger intelligent workflows, alerts and approvals.


Remove manual data entry

E:V removes the need for manual data entry. Review your third party paper document by document, with the click of a mouse.

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